Non-Detectable Mains Marker Warning Tape

Underground Warning Tapes

Tapex Industrial Non-Detectable Underground Warning Tapes are coloured polyethylene tapes printed with a warning message. Underground Warning Tapes are used to identify buried pipes and cables and are manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

Tapex Industrial tapes should be laid over underground services, halfway between the service and the surface of the trench, so that a visual warning is given before any damage to the services is caused during an excavation.


  • Manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene.
  • Lead-free pigments with virgin grade film.
  • Soil tolerance from pH 2.5 to pH 11.0 inclusive.
  • Manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS2648.1 1995 and  AS/NZS 4275 Part 0 1995.
  • Customised manufacture of special text is available subject to MOQ’s.
  • Warning message is printed in black.

Underground Warning Meshes

Underground Warning Tape - yellow

Fairwarning® Mesh is a composite tape and extruded coloured plastic mesh for marking and detecting buried underground pipes, cables and services.


  • Manufactured from high-strength coloured, rot-resistant virgin polyethylene plastic mesh
  • Warning message is printed in black
  • Increased visibility
  • Strong, semi-rigid construction
860050Underground Warning Tape Gas MainYellow/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860355Underground Warning Tape CommsWhite/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860200Underground Warning Tape ElectricOrange/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860175Underground Warning Tape RecWaterLilac/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860111Underground Warning Tape PotWaterGreen/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860150Underground Warning Tape SewerBeige/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
860100Underground Warning Tape WaterGreen/Black100mm x 250mroll2kg200
861210Underground Warning Tape ElectricOrange/Black150mm x 100mroll1kg384
114955Underground Warning Tape WaterGreen/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
114658Underground Warning Tape Gas MainYellow/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
115266Underground Warning Tape SewerBeige/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
860210Underground Warning Tape ElectricOrange/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
899204Comms/Elec 2-way non-detectable Warning TapeOrange/Black150mm x 500mroll5kg120
115105Comms/Gas/Elec 3-way non-detectable Warning TapeOrange/Black200mm x 500mroll6.5kg96